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[one_third][h4]Who we are[/h4][strong]We are Design Studio based in Central Europe. We are creating WordPress Themes and Flash Apps.[/strong]

We are  based in Central Europe. After some other projects we also started to make WordPress themes for Themeforest. So that we can share our knowledge.[/one_third][one_third][h4]Our Vision[/h4][strong]Our main vision is to create unique web designs with all features that are top at the moment.[/strong]

We also take advices from basic users of the themes we create. There opinion is the basic on which we build the entire theme. So we combine unique and fresh.[/one_third][one_third_last][h4]What we do[/h4]

[list_li] Responsive WordPress themes for ThemeForest [/list_li][list_li] One Page slide themes [/list_li][list_li] Flash Applications[/list_li][list_li] Plugins for WordPress themes [/list_li][list_li] Custom development [/list_li][list_li] Custom C# Applications [/list_li]

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[h4]Meet our fantastic team[/h4][team][team_member name='Mike Smith' img=''  position='Director'][/team_member][team_member name='Julia Carter' img=''  position='Manager'][/team_member][team_member name='Paul Jones' img=''  position='Programmer'][/team_member][team_member name='Dith Lessy' img=''  position='Financial'][/team_member][team_member name='Nancy Blue' img='' position='Director'][/team_member][team_member name='Peter Blake' img='' position='Manager'][/team_member][team_member name='Carolina Joes' img='' position='Programmer'][/team_member][team_member name='Tome Orlando' img='' position='Financial'][/team_member][/team]